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AFMA Bangladesh is now “ISMF Approved Teaching Provider”

AFMA Bangladesh Attains ISMF Approval as a Premier Teaching Provider In a groundbreaking development, AFMA Bangladesh has achieved the prestigious status of being recognized as an ISMF Approved Teaching Provider. This remarkable milestone underscores AFMA’s unwavering dedication to providing top-tier educational programs and services. With this accreditation, AFMA now stands as a leading institution for individuals seeking education and…

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AFMA Bangladesh is Now “HRCI Approved Provider”

AFMA Bangladesh has achieved a significant milestone by becoming an HRCI Approved Provider. This recognition highlights AFMA’s commitment to delivering high-quality professional development programs. HR professionals in Bangladesh can now access accredited courses at AFMA, enhancing their expertise and career prospects. This achievement solidifies AFMA’s reputation as a premier institution for HR education in the region, offering top-notch resources…

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AFMA Bangladesh is now an approved Training School of IFC

AFMA Bangladesh has reached a significant milestone by earning the prestigious designation of an IFC Approved Training School. This recognition highlights AFMA’s dedication to delivering top-quality education and training. Professionals in Bangladesh can now access world-class courses and resources at AFMA, further enhancing their skills and career prospects. With this approval, AFMA solidifies its position as a leading institution…

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AFMA Bangladesh is now CPD-Certified

AFMA Bangladesh has been officially recognized as a CPD Certified Center. This recognition underscores AFMA’s commitment to maintaining high standards of professional development. With this certification, AFMA joins an elite group of institutions dedicated to excellence in training and education. Professionals in Bangladesh can now benefit from CPD-accredited courses offered by AFMA, enhancing their career prospects. This recognition solidifies…

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